Offer pellets dry, mixed with seed at first to introduce the product so it will be recognized as “food”. We have found this does not always work. Quite often placing the seed at a lower level in the cage, and the new foods up beside a favorite perch works well. Also use a non intrusive shallow, wide dish for new foods.

  1. If your bird does not eat them, next take away all seed for half of the day, and offer the pellet alone, replacing a small quantity of seed later on.
  2. Introduce new pellets and vegetables without seed first thing in the morning when your bird is the hungriest.
  3. If your bird likes soft food such as cooked vegetables, rice or noodles, mix pellets in with the soft food. They will absorb the moisture and flavor of the soft food which some birds find very appealing. All leftovers should be thrown away, so make smaller quantities at a time to avoid waste.
  4. If possible , try 2 or 3 different pellets at the same time. In many cases bird’s who will not eat 1 kind, will chose from a selection without any problem.
  5. If your bird prefers your food, simply put the pellet on your plate, or pretend to eat it yourself to increase interest and create a roll model. Parrots like to see others eat something before they try! (If it doesn’t kill you, perhaps they might give it a try)
  6. If your bird will accept hand-feeding, and we find that most will with patience, then use products such as Abba 92 to feed morning and night. This way you can remove seed completely and offer pellets instead. There is no worry of starving or weight loss as long as your bird is eating the Abba 92. Also, you can add Harrison’s Mash formula or other pellets easily to the Abba 92 or to other soft foods.
  7. Always have a veterinarian weigh your bird weekly over the diet change period. At very least weigh your bird yourself on a gram scale to determine any weight loss.
  8. Make a realistic time goal to change your bird’s diet. Each pet is individual, and it is best to work with your veterinarian on this project.
  9. One very successful method is to bake the pellets into a tasty recipe. Try making Chico’s Bird Bread.


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