We have seen remarkable changes to the lives of pet birds in the last 20 years. There have been vast improvements in the diets of birds, evolving from seed only regimes to naturally balanced meals of formulated pellets, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seedswhich are better quality and fresher. As a result parrots and other birds can live longer, healthier and happier lives. In recent years formulated diets have been developed which can improve your bird’s quality of life. We offer you name brands with control on quality and freshness. A balanced diet is a priority for your bird, relating to better immune system, beautiful plumage, character development, and holistic health. For birds who have been on a poor diet we offer you help to convert your “fussy” bird. We have successfully introduced pellets to the diets of thousands of birds of all species and ages, and can share our methods with you! Also we carry a large selection of nutritious treats, baby formulas for hand feeding birds, and specialty foods such as Lory diets and soft-billed foods