Summer has come, and with it has come beautiful weather and (hopefully) some free time. Many of us would like to take our parrots out to enjoy the sun, but doing so can be dangerous. Even the best behaved bird can take off, whether it’s due to being startled or mischievous. Having properly clipped wings is no guarantee. Wings that have been clipped appropriately still grant some gliding power, therefore the wind can grant lift that can take your bird to unexpected places. Even if they glide safely to the ground, a bird of prey or non-aerial predator can grab them, or they can land in the path of a vehicle.

These dangers are why we always strongly advise you to never take your bird outside without a harness, or a cage/carrier and never leave your bird unattended for even a minute. Even in a cage, an bird left alone can be harassed or attacked by predators, or stolen by unscrupulous humans. Many of our customers have bought an Aviator Harness from us for birds as small as parrtotlets or as large as moluccan cockatoos.

Want something that you can use all year and for more reasons? Our Celltei bird carriers can be taken on bike rides, hiking, to and from the vet, and make an excellent night-time cage that is perfect for emergency situations.

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