The answer to this question is very general, because there are many exceptions and various personalities in each species of bird. There are also different noise tolerance levels for many people. If you have a very low noise tolerance level, you might consider another type of pet or a very quiet type of bird. We’ll group as many as we can into 3 groups, starting with the noisiest , down to the quietest.


1.  Most Cockatoos, especially Moluccans, Tritons, Elenoras, Citrons, and even the smaller Cockatoos. Still ,we know many individual quiet Cockatoos with calm personalities who have very devoted, patient owners.

2. Macaws can be very noisy in a different tone . Again there are variables such as how many Macaws, personality, and other factors.

3. Aratinga Conures such as Nandays, Sun Conures, Jendays etc. are very noisy but often so loved by their owners that they learn to live with it.  Also, it is wise to read bird behaviour  information to prevent “spoiling” these types of birds. It is possible to train your bird to scream by your own misinterpretations of bird behaviour.


Moderately Noisy

1. Alexandrines – noisy at times but usually only twice per day for a short period of time. Can be considered very noisy if more than one.

2. Amazons – can be noisy but are also very entertaining and chatty .They usually love to vocalize in general. ( singing, laughing, and copying any sound they hear and like.)

3. Hawkheads- They have a very sharp loud cry, but again rarely use it  constantly. If you have a Hawkhead, you will have this cry in your life.  Many pet owners find it is well worth it for their many wonderful traits.

4. Most smaller Ringnecks again have the capacity to be loud, but for the most part are not.

5. Lories (although there are too many types to name) can be quite noisy especially when excited.

6. Eclectus parrots are also usually quiet but when they do squawk, you really know about it. An Eclectus with a screaming problem is very loud indeed.

7. Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Quakers, Budgies, Parrotlets, are usually considered moderate in noise level. However in large groups they can be deafening.


Quieter Birds

1. African Greys (although we know a few loud ones) are usually more chatty than noisy. They love to whistle, sing, and copy every noise they hear, such as water, phones, etc. Few people have any issue with their African Grey’s noise level. Once they learn and like to say something, they will repeat it over and over, particularly when first learned.

2. Parrots, such as Senagals , Meyers, Pionus, and Brownheads are some of the quietest breeds. However we have still seen the occasional exception.

3. Canaries are beautiful singers, and Finches make adorable sounds. Few people are annoyed by these vocalizations.

Please note that this list is only a guide, and is compiled from our own experiences with healthy happy birds.  Screaming behavior can occur in almost any breed, given the circumstances.

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