There are many types of bedding on the market for cage lining. We are listing some and the related experiences.

  1. Pine, corn cob, and walnut beddings give the appearance of being clean. However, because of its clean appearance, these tend to be left days or longer in the cage, which can encourage fungal and bacteria growth. This in turn, along with the dust factor, has been linked to Aspergillosis and other breathing problems for your pet bird.
  2. We do not recommend putting gravel or gravel paper on the bottom of your cage. Quite often this product is sold with cages with no grate. This method of cage care encourages the bird to pick at the gravel which may be contaminated with it’s own droppings. The gravel paper and all other sandpaper products are made with glue, and quite often cause skin ailments, especially on the bird’s feet. In fact, gravel is not recommended for small hookbills at all.( i.e. Budgies, Cockatiels, or Lovebirds)
  3. The safest, easiest method of lining your cage is with untreated layers of paper, or paper towel with a proper grate separating the bird from the bottom. Layers can be peeled off once, or even several times per day to keep a cage clean and free from droppings and fungal spores. Newspaper can be safely used also, but is not recommended for birds which play with or pull their paper through the grate.
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